Friday, January 23, 2009

We Be Jammin'

So here I am in San Pedro. It's been a long month so far but I have gotten a lot accomplished. Moved from a studio in the middle of town to a one bedroom just South of town. It's much quieter here and a lot easier to get work done! The Friday night bingo games in the center of town were like having the caller over for dinner...B5, B5, B5...O14, O14, O14. The best part of the move was that I increased my Internet connection speed by about 200%! Yay, this means I am able to stream video now...welcome back Hulu! I've never done a blog before but it seems like the best way to keep friends and family in the loop. So, if you're interested in watching how this adventure unfolds...stay tuned. If not, now's the time to change the channel.


  1. i'm so excited about the new blog! if you get time, blog about 'gutter' with photos!!


  2. Where are the "martinisms?" You need to start a list!

  3. I've got the Karisse Travel Channel on. This will be great! All new episodes and no reruns!!

  4. Hey thanks for the link up until now I was not even sure what a blog was. What is really funny is I have to set one up for one of my Masters programs so thanks a lot for the email the timing was perfect.
    It looks like you are settled and and doing well; that makes me very happy.
    Once I figure out where my blog is and the rest I will let you know mean while I will stay tuned to yours for updates.

  5. Karisse
    Love this. You can make me jealous everyday when I put on my longjohns and 3 layers of clothes and go to work via the subway!